1907 East Africa Edward VII 3r. grey-green black MNH SG n. 28



1907 East Africa and Uganda Protectorate, Colonie inglesi, regno di Edoardo VIII, francobollo di posta ordinaria 3r. grigio verde e nero, effigie del Re coronata in ovale volta a sinistra e ornamenti floreali. 1 valore, nuovo perfetto senza linguella. Catalogo Stanley Gibbons n. 28, £ 110,00.

1907 East Africa and Uganda Protectorates, British Colonies, kingdom of Edward VII, postal stamp 3r. grey-green and black, effigy of the King crowned in oval turned left and floral ornament. 1 value, perfect mint never hinged. Stanley Gibbons Catalogue No 28, £110.00.